Question by  altos (224)

How quickly do moods change and last in someone with bipolar disorder?

Is the mood change instantaneous? Like is he happy one second and depressed the following second?


Answer by  admegamo2 (56)

It really depends on the person how quickly moods will change. Some people it can be seconds and for others, it's a longer process where the person can be happy for months to years at a time and then depressed for months to years at a time. Of course the longer the periods, the harder it is to diagnose.


Answer by  jjpallad (34)

Bipolar disorder involves periods of depression and of mania often interspersed with normal mood. Mood changes occur over time with each mood state typically occuring for weeks or months. A form of bipolar called rapid cycling involves at least 4 mood shifts in a year.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

Mood swings are very variable in someone with this disorder. Manic or depressive episodes can last for weeks or months. Some people have particular triggers which sap or improve their wellbeing, energy levels and productiveness. Genetics, drugs and trauma can all contribute to bipolar disorder. Treatment usually shortens the periods of mania and depression.


Answer by  thehatinthecat (38)

It really depends on how severe the case of bipolar is. According to the DSM-IV the manic episode needs to last for about a week to qualify.

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