Question by  shadowseeker (11)

Where should the right hand be in the golf swing?

I have been having trouble with my golf swing. I don't think I am holding the club properly.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

For right handed golfers, the right hand should be below the left, both thumbs pointing downward. The crease between the thumb and forefinger when the hands are gripping the club should point to the right shoulder. Grip the club softly, primarily with the last three fingers of the left hand.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The right hand is below the left hand on the grip. If you have trouble gripping the club, have a practice iron gripped with a premolded practice grip that makes you put your hand in the correct position. You cannot use that kind of grip when playing a round, but it is okay to practice to set your grip properly.


Answer by  Onimusha715 (49)

It depends on what side of the golf ball you are on. I'm right handed, so i like to have the club resting in the "V" of thumb and index.


Answer by  coxdjustinuseless (123)

It really depends if you are right or left handed. Assuming your right handed your right hand should be on the bottom of your grip. Your left thumb will be gripped by the palm of your right hand. The "V" shaped formed between your right thumb and first finger should point to your left shoulder.

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