Question by  gbrown546 (24)

How do you make a mood ring?

I would like to understand how they make mood rings and what the different colors mean.


Answer by  violetfade (51)

A mood ring is a glass or quartz bubble containing Thermotropic liquid crystals,which shift in molecular structure when your body temperature changes.At it's warmest,the molecules shift to create a blue or purple color,which supposedly indicated passion or love. In a neutral state,the ring reflects green. A yellow color indicates tension.The ring turns black in cold weather settings,or when it's broken.


Answer by  stephblake (205)

Mood rings are made up of liquid crystal molecules which changes as per our body temperature and it reflect the mood pattern in the form of various colors. Dark blue creates happy & romantic mood, blue-calm & relax, Green - normal, Amber - a little nervous, Gray-anxious and black -stress.


Answer by  AnneB91 (611)

Mood rings are small glass containers filled with liquid thermotropic crystals or piece of glass over a slice of liquid crystals. The crystals rearrange in response to change in temperature, which creates colors. Dark blue is passionate, light blue relaxed, green average, amber nervous, grey slightly stressed, and black stressed.


Answer by  Anonymous

Mood rings depend on your feeling; it depends on how look. The belief in mood rings that it can tell what you feel is actually a DUMB superstition.

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