Question by  wertz4 (21)

What's the best cigarette with the least chemicals?

I want to quit but can't seem to do it so at least I'll smoke the one with the least chemicals.


Answer by  rendo (66)

The notion that there is a cigarette with less chemicals is simply non-existent. Ask yourself how much nuclear waste you want stored in your backyard and you should arrive at the same conclusion.

posted by Anonymous
A lot of cigarettes have fillers that when they burn, emit chemicals more toxic than the tobacco. Typically, the super cheap cigarettes have a lot of these fillers. American Spirit is the closest to organic and has no fillers. They cost more but are worth it...  add a comment

Answer by  elecstorm83 (167)

American Spirits. Not quite an organic cigarette, they have the least additives. I'm pretty sure thats meaning no chemicals, or fewest chemicals.

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