Question by  worker6059 (57)

What is the best way to remove cigarette odor?

My furniture smells like cigarette smoke from my ex husband.


Answer by  Sivir (172)

The best way is to air it out for several days. I recommend buying Borax and reading instructions on the box on how to use it to remove odors.


Answer by  jennifer41 (41)

Start by airing out your house open some windows. Then have you furniture professionally steam cleaned and have them put depderizer on it. Also you can try arm and hammer let it sit over night then vacuum it up.


Answer by  Xryslyn (36)

As a smoker myself I find that the best way to remove cigarette smoke is in a few ways. First it takes time but also a "smokers candle" will remove traces in the air. A fabric refresher helps but it might take an upholstry cleaner and old fashioned elbow grease.


Answer by  karebeer (429)

I use flamesless candles and airwick airfresheners to cover up the cigarette smell in my house. It really works because people who walk into my house say it smells wonderful!

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