Question by  skateycat (124)

What type of cd should I use to record music?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Any cd-r/rw will work. Look at cd media review for a list of review of various brands. I think the software and quality of music record has more impact than the type of cd used. Cd-r are cheaper than cd-rw if you are just burning once or making a lot of duplicates.


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

All CD-R disks available in stores can be used for music recording. Some of them are sold with a special label "For audio" or something similar, but it doesn't really matter if the disk has this label or not. Just any well-know CD-R trademarks can be used in this kind of purpose.


Answer by  MCheryll (105)

You can buy CD-R, which allows for you to burn the music just once on the disc. If in the future you want to put some new music in, use CD-RW, which allows you to erase a pre recorded disc and use it again.


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

CDs aren't involved in recording music at all, it's only for redistributing it. Your standard 700 GB CD-ROM would be just fine for putting your music on to sell or give to friends.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

To record music using your computer, you will need a CD-R or a CD-RW, use the RW if you want to be able to re-record over things (not recommended since you can erase your songs).

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