Question by  aravindan (-2)

How can I record different tracks of live music on my computer?

I would like to record live music on my computer.


Answer by  worker6059 (57)

You can change the recording input settings in for sounds in the control panel to 'Stereo Mix'. This will allow you to record whatever is currently playing.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

The best way to record different tracks of live music is to get a Analog to Digital converter like a Tascam 122, and Cakewalk recording software.


Answer by  CasperJasper (31)

Well you could use different softwares to do that. Or use a software that can record multiple tracks of live music at a time. It's your choise. Google it for tracking softwares and i'm sure you will find something to suit you. ANd of course you will find a free software too

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