Question by  flowerqueen (20)

Why does my CD drive read music but will not read a data cd?

I need to upload information and files from a data CD however my CD drive will only read music.


Answer by  worker2629 (15)

My problem was due to my Windows Media Player running in the background. My CD player read and played music, but would not read my data. Check to see if the Media Player Icon is showing in the taskbar,if it is then close the Media Player then retry.


Answer by  worker8121 (244)

Check that the BIOS is correctly reading that the drive is there. If it is verify that the Master/Slave jumpers on the drive are set correctly, while you have the case open verify the cables are plugged in tightly. Next verify that windows is detecting the drive correctly and that the drivers are up to date.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

There may be something wrong with the actual data CD that you are trying to read. It may be damaged or scratched.


Answer by  MPX (171)

In order for your CD Drive to read and write you must have the correct drivers. To get the drivers you must go to your computer's website, then you must look for its model number. Once you find it you must go to the support page and then to the drivers/downloads. Now you must search for the correct drivers.

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