Question by  chandlersmom (29)

Is it possible to record music from vinyl records to a CD?

I like the sound of vinyl but would like to preserve my originals.


Answer by  BlackCircle (9)

There are a few ways that you can record your beloved vinyl to CD: For one, there are components available from a variety of companies that are self-contained and will record directly from vinyl to CD or you can find an even larger amount of USB turntables that can be hooked up to your computer and recorded that way.


Answer by  mrjoshx (89)

Run a line from the turntable's audio output to your computer's line input. Use whatever audio software you like to record to WAV/MP3, then burn the tracks to CD.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You will need a turntable with an audio out. The make players specifically for this task. Then you need to plug it into you computer sound card. Play the record and record it. Then use a program to split the file up into individual songs and record to a cd.


Answer by  DaizyJC (16)

Yes, but you will need to purchase specific equipment to do so. You will need something to play the vinyl, something to record to the Compact Disc, and something to connect the two.

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