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Question by  ambitiousajay (18)

What symptoms could result in a Ford van vacuum leak?

My Ford van has a vacuum leak.


Answer by  joshuas (90)

Your Ford van will not idel properly or even shut off at low RPM. If you push on the accelerator and the motor runs better then it could be a sign of a leak because you have less vacume at high RPM Your can sometimes go under the hood and hear a leak if it is big.


Answer by  jimbob11 (195)

Typical causes for this problem include: bad intake manifold gasket, bad throttle body gasket, cracked or broken vacuum line, or a cracked intake manifold.


Answer by  karthikeyan72 (116)

There may be a large vacuum leak that will cause poor combustion. Hence, the rough idle and higher revs. This condition improves when the car accelerates, since more fuel is injected, the vacuum leak is overridden as the throttle plate is opened and the air/fuel ratio is corrected


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

If your van is skipping or cutting out it may have a leak. The engine will run really rough if there is a leak.

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