Question by  rockyblue (18)

How can I fix a vacuum leak in my Ford Taurus that's causing shifting problem?


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

You need to get a vacuum gauge. Connect it to the brake booster hose. You're looking for 25-30 in/Hg. Check all vacuum lines for leaks until you discover the problem.


Answer by  Matt89 (177)

first you must find the leak you can either a spend $1000 on a smoke machine tester for vaccuum leaks which at first is a lot but pays for itself overtime. Another way it to pick up a can of Brake or carb cleaner and listen for a rise or drop in RPM's if it changes you found your leak


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well you need to start by finding exactly where the leak is. It helps if you find a diagram of the vacuum system. Do a check on all the components and see it anything is damaged. Paying special attention to the vacuum lines running down to the transmission itself. More than like it is a loose or punctured line.


Answer by  10 (52)

To fix a vacuum leak in a Ford Taurus will require a very good, understanding of the entire vacuum system.

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