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Question by  Gsxr1100 (34)

Would a bad signal generator on a 87 Gsxr1100 cause high idle?

Besides a vacuum leak, what would cause a high idle? I rebuilt the carbs, and there are no leaks. The jetting is good. I have clean K&N pods. The valve's adjusted timing is good. The plugs are on the lean side. I use fresh 92 octane fuel. The coil's good on both ends. I'm reading 192 on both sides of the signal generator.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Take that vehicle to a certified licensed mechanic for a complete systems check. They will charge you to run a diagnostics.


Answer by  aarti (56)

this are mostly happen due to poor performance of vacuum leak this decreases the performance the normal idle speed is 750-800 for this we have to chech the cables

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