Question by  XYZ77 (128)

What substances are toxic to yellow labs?


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

Some of the things toxic to dogs would be raisins and grapes, onions, dark chocolate, cocoa mulch, artificial sweeteners, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen.


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

Many things are toxic to dogs and any breed would be affected not specifically a lab. All house hold cleaners and chemicals of course. Chocolate, coffee, or anything with caffine is a bad thing. Basically just use common sense, if you would give it to your child don't give it.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

This goes for all dogs. Onions,apple seeds, garlic, raisins, grapes, chocolate,avacados,antifreeze, household cleaning chemicals, outdoor lawn chemicals. Many common indoor/outdoor plants, too many to list, try a web search.


Answer by  Briana85 (20)

Cat food is too high in protein and fats for your yellow lab to digest, and mushrooms are toxic also.

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