Question by  VaNella (17)

What is causing my yellow labs to throw up?


Answer by  worker2592 (117)

You should contact a Vet for a formal analysis but most pets throw up if they eat grass, chew on rawhide bones, or if they are just sick. If it happens very frequently you should see a vet immediately.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

It depends on how often it happens. They could not be tolerating their food well, or they could be eating something outside that is causing them to vomit.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

Something that may cause that would have to be that the dog ate something that was rotten. Many times you might not thing that they would get sick but they do have a weak stomach.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You need to take the dog to the vet, the vet can tell you what is causing it. The vet can give the dog meds to keep it from getting sick so often. The vet will be able to help you out with the dogs getting sick. Don't wait to long to have it taken care of.

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