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Question by  elizabethestel (14)

What special lures do you use for striped bass?

I wanted to get some for my dad.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

When I go fishing, I have found that spinner baits attract them the best. They might also like live baits. Make sure you have the lures or minnows on an 8 to 12 pound test line for the best results possible. Striped bass are predatory fish so anything shiny or that moves will attract them.


Answer by  t123 (520)

Some lures for striped bass are Bombers, Mega Bait plugs, Mambo Minnow, Finnish minnow design, 3-½ oz Gibbs Danny Swimmer, and the 2 oz Gibbs Casting Swimmer. Others suggest Bunker chunks, clams, and mackerel chunks.


Answer by  Reckless (49)

I have had much luck with swimming plugs. The second reccommendation is the classic bucktail jig which never lets you down. Also depends salt vs. fresh.


Answer by  chulet (33)

Swimming plugs and poppers are two great kinds of lures used for catching striped bass. Also, although they've been in use for some time, bass will still go for a bucktailed lure.

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