Question by  meakulpa (65)

What soccer goalie gloves would you recommend for a beginner?


Answer by  florin1666 (42)

great way to find a pair of soccer goalie gloves is by searching specialty soccer website. I always recommend going to a soccer specialty store if possible to try the gloves on. If they don't carry the style you're looking for, at least you'll be able to get your size. Good luck with your new gloves!


Answer by  billyaetos (29)

a pair of gloves that the ball will stick on them and also very hard outside-soft inside so your hand does not hurt when you need to block a very powerfull shot


Answer by  Felix20 (26)

I would recommend selsport gloves for a beginner as the brand is used by goalkeepers that play in some of the worlds best leagues and are relatively inexpensive


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

If your an absolute beginner, it doesnt matter. You want a pair that are cheap, have a good grip and fit you well. If you intend to get better, a more expensive pair would be better.

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