Question by  alleymcdeal (20)

How do I learn soccer basics?

I need to know the basics of soccer.


Answer by  Jan53 (91)

The best way to learn the basics of soccer is to sign up for a beginners recreation class. These are often offered at your local recreation centers or YMCA's. You can also take a class through a college or university. You will learn all of the basics skills and strategies by taking one of these classes.


Answer by  LoLa84 (32)

Seek out a local soccer club that has a beginners' class, ask a local middle/high school soccer coach for tips, or search online for soccer basics.


Answer by  smozie (31)

start by watchin it on t. v and make sure your in shape pysically, then find a local team and throw yourself in at the deep end so you can learn from your mistakes, you should improve rapidly if you have the hunger for it an really want to succeed!


Answer by  Smuglo (28)

11 players on each side. Total of 3 referees. Two halves of 45 minutes each, separated by a 15 minutes break. Penalty kicks are conceded when a defended player fouls or commits handball inside the 18 yard box. Ball passes over the defending player's goal line, with a defender having touched the ball last is called corner kick

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