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Question by  altos (224)

Why do some soccer players wear gloves?

I know why goalies wear gloves, but I'm curious why other players do since they cannot use their hands.


Answer by  kostas (33)

First of all they wear different kind of gloves. Goalies wear them to protect themselfs from the shooting power, while the rest of the players wear them to protect themselfs from the low temperatures(cold). So,you are not going to see any of them to wear gloves during summertime!


Answer by  sporcle (11)

Some soccer players wear gloves because it helps them take quality throw-in's. For example, while playing in rainy weather, the ball can become slippery and it can cause complications for a good throw-in. But many of the soccer gloves are dry-fit and so it allows for a much dryer surface and thus throw-in's can be better.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Because it is cold. Cold fingers are very uncomfortable, but one of the main reasons is to give the player a sense of security when he falls on the ground. He will most of the time cushion the impact with his hands, which may be more sensitive due to cold.


Answer by  tim35 (162)

Some soccer players wear gloves because it is either cold outside or the conditions are bad and they want to get a better grip on the ball when they attempt throw-ins.

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