Question by  bear (8)

What size breaker should I use for an outdoor receptacle?


Answer by  sparky35 (196)

Breaker size is determined by wire ampacity. A 14 gauge wire should be fused using a 15 amp breaker. A 12 gauge wire should be fused using a 20 amp breaker. What you run outside depends on what the power requirements are. For a general use convienience outlet, a 15 amp GFI protected circuit should suffice.


Answer by  worker5829 (219)

The best way to determine breaker size is to examine the wire size used. Larger wire can carry more current and would require a larger breaker. Also, note the amperage rating of the receptacle. Never use a breaker larger than the smallest rating found in the circuit. If you are installing new wiring choose a size matched to your outlet.


Answer by  SimonSaysEw (126)

Normally you would use a 15 amp or a 20 amp breaker for this. Be sure everything is waterproofed well.


Answer by  worker4439 (128)

It depends on what purpose the outlet would be utilized. Twenty amps being sufficient for most applications. For general use fifteen amps would be sufficient.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

It depends uponn the size of wire you have ran to the outside receptacle. If you have 14 wire you will want to use a 15 amp single pole breaker and if you have 12 wire you will want to use a 20 amp single pole breaker. I would recommend running the 12-2 and using a 20 amp breaker.

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