Question by  maria14 (23)

What size breaker is required for a welder?


Answer by  tysonjc1 (204)

A 110 volt welder will run off of a 20amp breaker. A 220 volt welder will run off a 60 amp or higher breaker


Answer by  Sally10 (70)

The proper size breaker required for a welder is a 30 AMP. This AMP can be used for many different jobs and tasks that need to be fulfilled by any normal welder.


Answer by  sathya (237)

The size breaker depends upon the the volatage of the welder. Supposing for a 220 Volts welder you might need atleast a 2 ploe 50A breaker. Make sure the main panel is near the welder or you might need to install a 2 pole 50 disconnect as well.

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