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Question by  Caitlin (52)

What are the different breaker sizes for appliances?

I want to make sure I have the right ones.


Answer by  scaremall (202)

All appliances have different requirements. 10-20 amps would handle most countertop appliances. Big ranges and ovens could require a 50 amp 2 pole circuit breaker. Your best bet is to look on the appliance for a rating tag and compare this with the circuit you plan to use. Consulting a qualified electrician could save you in the long run.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Breakers are just like fuses, you need to base it on the amps your device will draw. So a 30 amp device needs a 30 amp break etc.


Answer by  Joe31 (16)

The breaker size that you use should be dictated by the appliance itself. You should review the appliance's specifications and consult an electrician. Most have 20-40 amp breakers.

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