Question by  rot (91)

How do I tell the correct gas furnace breaker size?

I don't want the electrical outlet to be wrong.


Answer by  Xceptional (642)

You'll probably need a tape measure. IF you have your manual that came with your AC unit it should have criteria for the proper breaker size. AC Units greatly differ by brand. Since there are some many types of brands I would insist that you refer to your particular AC User Manual. They are quite useful.


Answer by  Electro (17)

The residential gas furnace needs power only to run the motor, so it usually needs a 15A breaker if it doesn't share the circuit with other consumers in the home. The best thing you can do is check the nameplate on the furnance where you will find the power and breaker requirements for your specific unit.


Answer by  ryan8435 (4)

You can find the correct breaker size for a gas fired furnace by refering to the manufacturers manual,looking at the manufacturers specifications on the inside panel of the furnace, or by contacting a qualified electrician.


Answer by  Randy76 (95)

There is usually a tag on the unit door that has the amperage rating for the unit. If it isn't on the door then it will be in the instrucional manual for sure. It's just a matter of finding it. If nothing else get the model number off the unit and call manufacturer and they can tell you.


Answer by  turboguy (19)

Check in the owners manual for your furnace. If thats not available, you can usually find electrical info on the inside of the panel covering the filter or pilot light and blower motor area.

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