Question by  impulse (35)

What should I know about caring for hydrangeas?


Answer by  rain7420 (152)

Hydrangeas should be exposed to sunshine in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Be sure to protect your Hydrangeas when temperatures dip below 25 degrees F by covering them. Hydrangeas should be fertilized and pruned once a year.


Answer by  searud (27)

Hydrangeas must be regularly watered to prevent dehydration. Plants and flowers are often wrapped by the grower because the flowers and leaves and particularly easily damaged. Keep out of extreme heat or extreme cold as the plant is very sensitive to temperature. Hydrangeas must be pruned regularly to prevent branches from growing too long and overly weighing down the plant.


Answer by  Pinto (166)

Hydrangeas are a bunch of small blue or pink flowers which remain for a long time once they bloom. The plant requires a lot of water and sunlight. Ideally you should water 4 times a day. A rusted tin kept at the roots will deepen the colour of the flowers.


Answer by  ilango (226)

hydrangeas are shrub. It show glorious to our garden.It has the quality of changing the colours. so there are three type of hydrangeas is there. all looking beauty .

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