Question by  Scott76 (24)

How do you get deep colors in hydrangeas?

I want my hydrangeas to have deep color.


Answer by  hydr (13)

In order to get deep blue color in hydrangeas, you need to decrease the pH value of the soil. You can get this by mixing in peat, or leaf mulch. Be careful to always water your hydrangeas in the evenings. Deep colors should appear after some months of watering and mixing peat into the soil at their feet.


Answer by  worker81 (194)

A hydrangea gets its deep colors based on the pH of its soil. The more blue the plant is the more acid is in the soil. The more pink the less acid in the soil. Most nurseries sell soil acidifiers or garden lime. Use those to color your own Hydrangea


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Hydrangeas change color depending on soil acidity and amount of aluminum present in the soil. If the aluminium is present and soil is acidic then they change to blue color. If soil is alkaline, they cannot absorb aluminium and changes pale. So maintain soil acidity and aluminium content.

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