Question by  Sam98 (16)

What should I expect to pay for a top-loading washing machine?

I really like the Maytag models.


Answer by  Iris (60)

In general, top-loading washing machines run anywhere from $250 for a basic, no-frills model to over $1000 for a high-efficiency machine loaded with features. Maytag Bravos top-loading washing machines tend to run in the $600-$1000 range depending on features. Expect to pay around $750 for a machine with decent features.


Answer by  kangell (45)

Your basic top load starts at about $375 and can range up to $1000+. It all depends on what options and capacity you want, also whether you go standard or high efficiency. As far as Maytag, they were actually bought by Whirlpool,therefore all your new Maytags say Maytag on them but the insides are Whirpool.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Top-loading washing machines range in price from about $350 to $650, depending on brand, features, and size. Maytag models will usually be at the higher prices, since they are considered top of the line in most cases.


Answer by  paulbosh (14)

A top loading washing machine cost can vary depending on choice. The size, brand, and features will determine what cost there will be. Front loading washer are generally less expensive than front loading washers though. You can expect to pay between $299-$899 with an average cost of $450.


Answer by  lolson39 (206)

The washing machine usually costs over $1,000. If you watch for sales, you might be able to find one for $800. Buying a used model will also save money.


Answer by  clutterbucket (16)

The maytag sentinal models run about 499. During the weeks of Black Friday you can purchase them for 249.00 This is the best time to buy.


Answer by  hemantc (169)

The Maytag washing machine are less expensive because since they are top-loading.Even they have few spiffy functions which leads to low cost.Top loaders like Maytag Bravo and Maytag Ensignia may cost a bit more than $400 to $500.


Answer by  martine (860)

Most washing machines will run you around four to five hundred dollars, I personally would suggest waiting for sears to have a sale and jump on the sale price there.


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

You can pay up to 2000 dollars for the new maytag models. I would get it from Sears on a labour day sale.

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