Question by  FleurDH (26)

What should I do when my dog's eye is watery and closed?


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

The dog may have an eye infection or injury, or a foreign object in the eye. A examination at home may reveal an object which can be removed. Otherwise, a trip to the vet is probably necessary, for antibiotics and/or to make sure the cornea isn't damaged.


Answer by  Wendy47 (140)

Gently place a wet, warm wash cloth to clean the eye and relieve any discomfort. Check for foreign material. There is good chance that the dog will scratch, irritate, and infact it, so take him to your vet for treatment. He may prescribe drops for conjunctivitis (pink eye).


Answer by  Aumin (276)

Most likely this is a sign that your dogs eye is irritated or infected. It would be advised to take the dog to the vet and make sure everything is alright. However, depending on how old your dog is, this could also be an sign of glaucoma or cataracts.


Answer by  Josh71 (16)

I would first take an old rag and get it real hot and leave it on their eye for as long as u can. If that don,t work. Call the vet.

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