Question by  Kittrell (17)

Why is one of my hamster's eyes is closed?

Do hamsters ever go blind in one eye?


Answer by  DaiHiep (25)

Is it possible for hamsters to go blind one eye. It is an illness of hamsters from not proper cleaning the eyes. I once sold hamsters for 6 months. I saw many of these incidence. You can go to a pet's store to buy a bottle of eyes drop and everything will be ok


Answer by  deacon (79)

A hamster's eyes can be irritated to the point of closing. External forces such as dust or an allergic reaction can cause the eyelids to close. Hamsters are also capable of developing cataracts, identified by a cloudy eye. Gently wipe the closed eye with a cotton ball dipped in warm water to help open.


Answer by  Cole (26)

The hamster is winking at you! Maybe your hamster digs your style. Don't worry about it going blind. Although hamsters can go blind- like most living creatures- it won't affect the quality of his or her life. Be aware if there is discharge or oozing coming from the eye though- that could mean a doctor is needed.


Answer by  Vidhya (42)

Older hamsters may be prone to 'sticky eyes'. Hamster may have something it its eye such as a piece of dust or if placed in draught or cold or allergy.


Answer by  Anonymous

Take him to the vet immediately he may be blind or have something like dust in his eye so he's not opening it. I hope my words of wisdom helped you and your poor little hamster.


Answer by  Anonymous

thank you my hamster can now show off it's cute little brown eye


Answer by  lalalol (0)

thanks guys my hamster i healed now

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