Question by  Celeste (1)

What should I do if I have red spots on my hands, but I don't feel itchy?


Answer by  tubeth2000 (104)

Many things can cause this, counting allergic reactions, medications, infections, rubbing, heat and moisture exposure, fungus, parasites, chemicals contact and other irritants. Go take a skin scraping test, it is not as bad as it sound and it can answer a lot of question and it's painless.


Answer by  joe83 (68)

When red spots appear on your hands but they do not feel itchy, first watch hands with soap and water, then take over the counter benedryl. If the spots increase or do not go away seek medical advice from ypur doctor.


Answer by  msbee (484)

Red spots may be a result of several things, if they are not itchy it may just be a sign of poor circulation.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

You can try calling the doctor and ask for a appointment or you can just wait a while and see if they go away. Most times it just temporary especially if they are not itchy.

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