Question by  kerryannlopez (1)

How can I tell if my hand is broken or sprained without going to the hospital or doctor?

I hit my hand and it's swollen. I can move it but it really hurts.


Answer by  Trina94 (94)

It is very difficult to distinguish between a fracture (broken bone) and sprain (of a ligament) without being evaluated in-person by a health-care professional. Swelling may occurs with both fractures or sprains. Pain with movement also occurs with both types of injuries. Motion may or may not be limited. Both may heal with treatment. Best advice - see a doctor!


Answer by  shane1189 (19)

It is hard to tell if a hand is sprained or broken without going to the hospital. A hand can feel broken but it could only be a sprain. It would require x rays by a doctor to really determine the truth.

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