Question by  sundarcyr (12)

What should I do if I don't have suggestions?

Everyone always asks me for my suggestions but I really don't have any.


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

Say you are happy with the way things are. Or think of ways a situation could be improved upon or what you would really like to see happen.


Answer by  Warner (56)

I would suggest to you to look at the task at hand and try to come up with an answer for a small part of it rather than a big all encompassing idea! That way you're both more likely to come up with something and you avoid being stuck!


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

Stall. Say something like "I don't think I have enough information" or "I'd really like to think about that" or "That situation is more complex than I thought". Or defer to those who know more by saying "I'll leave that to the experts".


Answer by  cbo (17)

You can ask for more information or ask if there is a friend or family member that is aware of the situation or has knowledge on the question being asked.

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