Question by  lavanya (25)

What should I do if I can not bear weight on my ankle?

I have hurt my ankle and can not bear weight on it.


Answer by  dholmes (82)

A non-weight bearing injury may indicate a fracture or serious sprain. It is important to have the ankle x-rayed and examined by a physician as soon as possible. Applying ice may help minimize swelling at the site. It is also important to keep your leg elevated as much as possible.


Answer by  shalini (79)

first find out whether it's a strain or sprain. Both can be treated by conservative treatment called Cryotherapy within 48 hours of injury followed by ultrasound therapy.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

If you are unable to bear weight on your ankle you should see a doctor and have it x-rayed to ensure that you do not have a serious sprain or break. Ankle injuries can be very dangerous. Be careful and take care. Remember to rest it, elevate it, ice it.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

IF it cannot bear weight, you may have a serious injury and need to go ro a clinic or hospital. Without any further information, it could be anything from a soft tissue injury to a broken bone, and you will need x-rays, at the least. Please seek medical assistance.

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