Question by  dwallain (33)

Is there anything that can be done to treat a 15 year old feline with renal failure?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Only your vet can help, and they may not be able to. Renal failure causes death VERY quickly, particularly since cats hide illness and pain. I lost my best friend (16 yrs old) last year to this. My heart goes out to you. There's little you could have done.


Answer by  Cheryll (152)

Yes, but it depends if that is an acute or chronic renal failure. If that is an acute renal failure then it is curable and functioning of the kidneys will resume to normal that takes less than a month. If that is a chronic renal failure, it is non reversible which means patient needs to undergo dialysis sessions.


Answer by  kmac (235)

Renal failure affects all cats differently, also depending on how far progressed the disease is. Firstly, have your cat checked out by a vet to see what they recommend. There are special diet foods that you can get that may help as well as medications and dialysis. Continue to give your cat lots of love and attention.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

There are food products especially for renal conditions which help, but unfortunately you have to prepare yourself for the worst. If the animal is a cat and starts to howl, it is in pain and is dying, also when it starts to hide under bushes it means the cat is dying, and its time is coming to an end.

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