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Question by  bjcthatisme (29)

What might be wrong if I replaced distributor cap on Ford 300 and it wont start?

What are the most likely problems?


Answer by  David87 (112)

there could be a Battery, battery cable, Alternator (which would drain your battery to death), Steering Column, or Starter issue, if none of those end up being the issue, you may want to take the vehicle to a parts store and have them run a computer diagnostic on it, as fuel sensors and other things can have an impact here


Answer by  Paul41 (87)

The first thing I would check would be the wires, to make sure you have them in the correct firing order. Another problem could be that the timing itself is off.


Answer by  WendyB (43)

You could have your distributor cap backwards. Also check the firing sequence on your spark plug wires, if these are not in the correct order the truck won't start.


Answer by  deacon (79)

If the engine started prior to changing the distributor cap, check to make sure the spark plug wires are firmly attached the the spark plugs, the distributor cap and the solenoid.


Answer by  mary70 (101)

could be the timing chain; could be bad gasoline; make sure the plug wires at the cap are in the right firing order, could've got one crossed.


Answer by  Ionoone (112)

possiblt got the wiring order wrong when placing the wires on the new cap, Just locate the #1 plug and make sure the wiring order is correct.


Answer by  atomicskr (71)

You may have put the wires on in the wrong positions. Also you have have disturbed the rotor button so that it is out of alignment or not making good contact at the base. Third option is that you got a faulty cap, check to make sure contact tips are not damaged or loose.

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