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Question by  Anonymous

Can you troubleshoot my Alero, it died when I was driving and now the security light will not go off and it will not start?

I own a 2002 alero, it died driving and wont start. i tried waiting 10 min but the security light wont go off. it stays on solid any help? I have an 02 Impala. Just had new ignition, ignition reprogrammed, new battery and fuel pump. Security light came on while driving and the next time I tried to start my


Answer by  Shirley277 (35)

Take your cr back to the car dealer and get a computer diagnosis done it might be nothing if your car is running properly.


Answer by  GLSmith (21)

It sounds like it is locked in theft mode. Try manually locking the door with the key then unlocking the door with the key then trying the key in the ignition. If that doesnt work try cleaning the key off. If these ideas dont work you may have to take it your dealer.


Answer by  kowsalya (4)

please disconnect the power suplly from the battery. try to reset the relay. consult with the car manufaturer are an alarm maker.


Answer by  Strumpet (7)

This happened to me! My dealer blamed the remote startup equipment and told me to leave it for a day before restarting. Luckily it hasn't come back!

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