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Question by  muks (20)

What is the process to complete a Camero rubber roof repair?

I need to repair the roof of my Camero.


Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

Check out youtube - there are several videos on DIYs for cars and more. All the best!


Answer by  addicted (186)

Be very careful with attaching the windshield part of the rubber roof on your camero. There is an "L" shaped bend in the windshield opening and you will need to work carefully here to avoid annoying gaps.


Answer by  wonderman (201)

take the measurements and get the right dimensions. First you dry-fit your chrome and then do the welding. Ensure the fit and the extensions are right. Hopefully your camaro now looks like it's brand new!

Reply by icyblue (236):
I know several people who ended a few inches short in the front or the quarters due to some miscalculations. Get help with your measurements!  add a comment
Reply by jeyR (264):
Try using a flange making tool on the two seams where the roof meets the quarter panel. This will make this section more accurate.  add a comment
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