Question by  thorne (29)

What kind of training/schooling is required to become a criminologist?

I want to work in law enforcement but not as a police officer.


Answer by  retiredandhappy (64)

Employers will ask for a minimum of a Bachelors degree in a behavioural or social science such as psychology or sociology. You will need to demonstrate skills in writing reports, understanding statistics and logical analysis. Some employers will require a doctorate, particularly if you wish to teach Criminology. In some states further examinations are required to obtain a license.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

Criminology is a recognised discipline which you can take as a university degree. It covers all aspects of the criminal mind and will fit you for this type of role.


Answer by  Bill777 (65)

It depends on who you want to work for. You can get different degrees for it, from technical certificates to doctorates, and different agencies want different qualifications. But more schooling generally means more money in any field.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

A career as a criminologist can start at your local community college . Many Community colleges offer two year programs which after completion allows the student to take the state certification exam.

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