Question by  vipul (7)

What is involved in filing a paternity suit?

What kind of tests are taken to establish paternity, and what happens after that?


Answer by  colshan (63)

Paternity equates to fatherhood and is established via modern methods such as blood test, DNA test, or admission of paternity by the father. A court of law may then decide to legally establish paternity and related responsibilities. Validation of legal paternity may be requested by the mother or father.


Answer by  Sue97 (10)

A man unsure of his paternity of a child should file a suit where a court-ordered blood test will accurately assign fatherhood.


Answer by  vvas (53)

An allegation of sexual intercourse between mother and alleged father that has created a child is required. A dna test involving a cheek swab of mother, child and alleged father is taken. The alleged father can contest the petition claiming no intercourse with the mother. After the dna test he can contest the results or that the results establish paternity.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Typically, a DNA test is performed. In some states this may be done by the courts. This is especially true if there is a pending child support case. After confirmation, child support can be set up and the father's name can be added to the birth certificate.


Answer by  madjoker (67)

A person goes to their local courthouse to pay and file a petition. States may vary but the person suspected of being the parent must respond to the petition. A blood test is taken to determine paternity. A judge makes a ruling on based on the results of the information.

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