Question by  npyro528 (30)

What is involved in Florida Highway Patrol training?

I'm very interested in FHP training.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The training topics include criminal law, traffic laws, laws regarding search and seizure, testifying in court, accident investigation, training in various fire arms and other weapons, first responder training, defensive tactics, writing reports, public relations, physical training. A minimum of 125 training hours is required by the Florida highway patrol.


Answer by  sar (227)

A basic application must be submitted to the FHP. If you meet the minimum requirements (age, education, citizenship, etc) then you take a written and physical exam, polygraph test, and have a medical exam and physiological screening. You also have to pass a background investigation. If this process is completed successfully, you may then be admitted to the training academy.


Answer by  girlsnotgrey (36)

At the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy, a trainee will have to take classes in firearms, defensive tactics, vehicle operations, water safety, and first aid. There is a group retreat towards the end of training. There is intense physical training.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Studying the Highway Traffic Act, Firearms, learning various criminal code offences, police vehicle operations, defensive tactics, evidence, notetaking and mental health act.

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