Question by  bonzobuds (9)

What kind of supplements do vegetarians need to take?

I'm becoming a vegetarian, and I want to make sure I stay healthy.


Answer by  rilyalune (185)

If you are becoming vegan than you need to take vitamin B12 and calcium. If not, than you should be able to get all your nutrients without taking supplements.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

The family of B vitamins will need to be part of your supplement regime. An iron supplement may also be taken so that you do not become anemic.


Answer by  chunli (117)

A properly balanced vegetarian diet requires no supplementation. However, many people (vegetarian or not) do not eat a well-rounded diet. Try to buy fortified versions of what you already buy. Things like soymilk and OJ often have enriched versions. Iron and B12 are things to keep a vegetarian eye on.

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