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Question by  brownie (58)

Are there any vegetarian choices on the Firehouse Subs menu?

I want to take my friend there when she visits, but she is vegetarian.


Answer by  KittyFace (61)

Yes. Firehouse has salads and a veggie sub on the menu. I don't think they have any true vegan offerings though.


Answer by  Eldere (25)

If she is a pure vegan no. If she is okay with dairy and eggs they have a hot veggie sub and a broccoli cheese soup.


Answer by  JMH918 (71)

If your friend is a vegetarian, she will probably check out the website of the restaurant beforehand to make sure there are things she can eat there. It looks like there is a veggie hot sub she could eat. Enjoy!


Answer by  2252525jena (282)

Well there are a few items but it's difficult. You can tell them to create the dish without meat. That is a great way to make some vegetarian food for your friend.

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