Question by  Tom (17)

What kind of person is the "I am the diamond glints on snow" funeral poem appropriate for?


Answer by  Ravencrow (6)

This poem is only worthy for that one person that has brought warmth, light, hope and love to those around him/her while he/she still walked this earth. Letting go of this person would have to be so difficult yet those left behind has to, for true love transcends dimensions and not even death can diminish it.


Answer by  benji56 (65)

That poem would be good for someone who was optimistic, someone who never saw death as an end, but a beginning. It would also be good for a close family member or friend, since many people feel that they will always be there.


Answer by  StaceyW (251)

It's really appropriate for anyone who has passed away. It's a beautiful way of saying that even thought they are no longer here physically, they are still with us in everything.


Answer by  RandomGuy (138)

The poem is appropriate for a person/family that believes even after death the deceased will continue to be with the family and take care of them.

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