Question by  bchoplosky (21)

When driving in the snow is it better to use front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

I am going to move to a place that snows a lot and want to make sure I have a car that is safe to drive in the snow.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

Front and wheel rear drive vehicles have different handling characteristics. One is not "safer" than the other, its a matter of driving safely for the road conditions. Accelerate slowly and brake earlier than normal when its snowy out. I'm a cop in South Dakota and have experience driving in snow.


Answer by  Abbas (86)

It is preferable to use front wheel drive but if you have option to select, go for four wheel drive. Reduced tyre pressure will increase the grip on snow if you don't have snow grip chain on the tyres.


Answer by  Anonymous

FWD is much better since you have the weight of the engine over the tires. This reduces the spinning of the tires and pulls the car giving you better control. From Colorado with mountain driving. The volkswagon eninge is in the back so rear wheel is better for this car.


Answer by  pearl02080419 (69)

When driving in the snow Front wheel drive is better. It handles better and does not spin out as easy.


Answer by  joshycg (15)

When your car being drive slowly, there is no difference in controlling F W Drive & R W Drive. But on snowy day, when you drive front wheel one find yourself just a little fast in a sharp turn or slopped that's just a little too slippery.

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