Question by  colshan (63)

If a person I do not know was given a speeding ticket in my name can I go to court and challenge the ticket and this person?

A person I do not know was stopped by the police while speeding. This person used my identity without my knowledge and the police issued the ticket to them in my name. I still possession of my driver's license. Can I go to court and challenge this person during their court hearing?


Answer by  epglaw (553)

Yes. You should go to court and tell the prosecutor or the officer who issued the summons that this person used your identity. The ticket will then be amended to reflect the correct name and driver's license of the person, assuming he shows up. Also, this person may be criminally charged for providing false information to law enforcement.


Answer by  John (9008)

This person is actually guilty of another, more serious, crime in stealing your identity. You should contact the police, who are likely to arrest him on different charges if he appears for his court hearing at all. You should also go to the hearing to make sure you are not held liable for his wrongdoing.

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