Question by  NN (75)

What is your favorite vacuum cleaner?


Answer by  Lily16 (73)

The Bissell machine is easy to use and picks up dirt 100% better than other machines. Thr ease of turning on/off from the handle is a real plus.


Answer by  christokels11 (61)

My favorite is the Electrolux tank. It is comparable to Kirby in it's cleaning capacity and more economical. Replacement bags are more readily available and after 20 years, I'm still using it.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I've owned a few in my day (most recently a G. E. - General Electric, which was pretty good), but my current one, Dust Devil, is the best one. Does a great job, is light, doesn't take much power, and you can get in hard to reach places which is nice.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Without question the best vacuum cleaner ever created has been the Dyson. It is super expensive but worth the money. it does everything it advertises and more. It will be the last vacuum you ever buy


Answer by  martin67 (114)

My favorite vacuum cleaner is eureka Forbes cleaner its very easy to clean in it. It cleans very neatly from the nook and corner in the sofa, etc… we can see the dust which are in the corner in our naked eyes by the dust bag fitted in the vacuum cleaner. It's a light weighted so it is adapted easily.


Answer by  Ravi (50)

My favorite vacuum cleaner is one which can weed out all the dust and dirt of my home stuff as well as interior of my car. Is there any vacuum cleaner available in the market? which can clean the junked mind. If so, I really want to purchase that for one of my friend.

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