Question by  worker5232 (24)

Are bagless vacuum cleaners any good?

I'm thinking about how convenient they are.


Answer by  Purple (948)

I think they work the same but a bag would confine dust and dirt from flying around when you empty it. People with allergies should stick to a vacumn with a bag to keep it confined better. Eliminating a bag would save time but if you have head or allergy issues it would be best to use a bag.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

A vacuum cleaner's ability to vacuum well is independent of having a bag or not; you'll find good and bad vacuums both with and without bags. It is only a matter of convenience. If you think you'd rather have a bagless vacuum cleaner, read some reviews and buy it. Chances are it will be good if people say so.


Answer by  jwltch (48)

They become less efficient as they age. They build up debris where the dirt is stored, which must be cleaned.

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