Question by  Stancu (20)

Is it safe to vacuum hardwood floors?

I am concerned that the beater bar on the vacuum cleaner will damage the hardwood floors.


Answer by  jleaker (31)

Yes you can vacuum hardwood floors. A vacuum without a beater bar would be preferable, provided the attachment has clean soft bristles. You may use one with a beater bar, but you need to ensure that all the bristles on the bar are soft and clean. A pebble or other hard object embedded in the bar could scratch the floor.


Answer by  Spock80 (8)

Absolutely! The beater bar contains rows of bristles which rotate around. On carpet, the bristles will beat on the fabric to remove dust. When the vacuum cleaner is used on hardwood floors the bristles will beat on the wood, but they are soft and flexible enough not to damage it.


Answer by  cpxi (191)

It is perfectly safe to vacuum hardwood floors. The vacuum will cause no more wear and tear than will normal use.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would say that you can, but you will probably want to get one made for hardwood floors. A lot of them now a days have two settings one for carpet and one for hardwood floors.

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