Question by  lovehuskies (43)

What is wrong if I am leaking amniotic fluid?


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Amniotic fluid creates a sterile environment for the baby to live while in your uterus. If you are leaking amniotic fluid, then that environment is no longer sterile - which means other things can get into it and exposed to the baby. This can be very dangerous, so be sure to consult your healthcare provider.


Answer by  dubhreubel (501)

Many things can cause an amniotic fluid leak, but you should immediately go in to a doctor if you suspect any leak in amniotic fluid.


Answer by  CopingWithLife (264)

It sounds like there may be a small tear in your amniotic sac. This is best checked by your OB/GYN, however, sometimes small holes can and do actually repair themselves, and are not always cause for concern. It would be best to check with your doctor to rule out any infection or verify pending labor if it that time!


Answer by  THEMEDIC (50)

If your pregnancy completes full term the leak is normal but if it leaks before term it can be due to a bacterial infection, structural defects in amniotic sac or uterus or cervix. Complete bed rest and immediate medical care are essential


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Leaking amniotic fluid could be a sign of preterm labor, or that the placenta is seperating from the uterian wall. You should contact your doctors office at once or go to the emergency room.

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