Question by  vickyaral (34)

Can transmission fluid get into your radiator?

I think I got transmission fluid into my radiator.


Answer by  Hellhammer (131)

Yes. Trucks especially heavy duty ones or those equipped with a tow package route transmission lines to the radiator to help cool it. While they don't actually go into where the water is corrosion over time can break down the metal causing trans fluid to get in. Check your trans fluid if its milky looking that is what happened.


Answer by  searchall (66)

Actually it can. If you have an external transmission oil cooler it can get into your radiator if ruptured. That would be the only way to get transmission oil into your ratiator. You can also get oil into your ratiator the same way if you have an external oil cooler.


Answer by  Geo (30)

Depending on your vehicle yes transmission fluid can get into the radiator. Some vehicles actually cool the transmission fluid as well as the engine. The fluid will pass through a smaller radiator right next to your engine radiator.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

The tranmission and the cooling system for vehicles are two separate systems, tranny fluid should not be able to get into the radiator.

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