Question by  gordon (304)

What is the yearly cost of Norton Anti Virus?


Answer by  Mturk85 (133)

From the introduction of Norton website, it is said that it is $39.99 for one year protection for up to one home personal computer. If two years' protection is needed, it would be $74.99; and $114.99 for three years' protections. Therefore, it would be much cheaper if you decide to buy for several years' protections.


Answer by  dominik (19)

Norton Antivirus currently costs $39.99 with a one year subscription. The renewal will cost $44.99 you can buy 2 years for 74.99 and save $5.


Answer by  bartcoenen (54)

Costs of Norton or Symantec products vary, but for a basic anti-virus you pay about 50 dollars annually, which will get you a package for anti-virus for up to three pc's.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

It all depends on what type of package you get. A regular home package usually ranges from $50 - $100.

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