Question by  eliza (32)

Can I uninstall Norton anti virus?

I want to install something else.


Answer by  JadeRick (61)

of course. Just simply go to start button, then control panel. Make sure that you're viewing CLASSICAL view so it would be easier for you to find. then go to programs and features / add remove programs, locate norton antivirus software, then uninstall after uninstalling reboot the system.


Answer by  jim84 (6)

Yes, you can uninstall Norton anti virus from your computer. You can uninstall the software if you go to installed programs section under control panel. Just click on the program name, choose uninstall, and the uninstall wizard should do the rest for you to uninstall the software.


Answer by  JamesTweet (29)

Yes, it is easy to uninstall. In Windows, go to the Control Panel. Double click on the "Programs and Features" icon. In the search box at the top, type in "Norton." Select Norton Antivirus from the list and right-click on it using mouse, select Uninstall/Change. It will ask you if you really want to uninstall, answer yes.


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

Yes. You can uninstall it from Control Panel using Add/Remove Programs. If that doesn't work or does not remove all the software, you can use a free program call AppRemover to uninstall it. It can even clean up failed uninstalls. It works with many anti-virus programs, not just Norton. You may also try the Norton Removal tool.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Yes, you can uninstall Norton anti virus on your computer, but you should install another anti virus before uninstalling Norton. Go to your start bar, programs, under there you should find norton, when you click it the drop down bar will give you options, click the one that says 'uninstall'.

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